Worse Week Ever

Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything that could go wrong does? We seem to get these a lot lately. This week is definitely no exception.

It all started just a week or so ago when our trusty Nissan decided it was time to have major problems. A warning light had been on for a couple months and we knew we needed to get it fixed, but were avoiding it. Well, this all changed when the temperature gage decided to give up the ghost which lead to a/c issues. In Houston, not having a/c is not an option, and since Jon was heading off to Amarillo, and I would be driving the Nissan, we had to buck up and pay. One thousand dollars later, the Nissan is rocking again and we were in business!

Now for this week. We've been enjoying the last week of summer with Jon which means a lot of driving and a lot of fun. This was true until our a/c started to give out in our Honda. At first it was sporadically coming and going and then it totally gave up. Keep in mind that all week has been over 100* and I'm 36 weeks pregnant, AND we have kids who sweat in a snow storm. Awesome. Jon's been looking up potential problems, and if it's what we think, it'll be $1000 to get it working again. Keep in mind: Houston=hot until November=not having a/c is not an option.

Now for the best part. After dinner, I headed upstairs to get our guest room cleaned up and noticed it was uncommonly hot. Oh yes. Back in March we were having this problem and had it checked out and learned we have to get a major a/c unit part replaced, but put it off because 1: it cost a lot and 2: after the freon refill, it's been working just fine. Well, it's lasted a good while but our luck has run out again. Here's to another $1000+ bill heading our way--which once again is a necessity, not a luxury.

For me, I don't think this would all suck so bad except the fact that we are students, and since I'm so pregnant, the money I would be able to bring in thanks to my classes is basically nonexistent for the next few months. I physically cannot teach much, and everyone is coming back from vacation which goes all the water-aerobic subbing I could actually do, and baby is coming this month so I won't be teaching after that for a couple months anyway. Grr.

It's just turned into one of those "when it rains, it pours" situation that makes us focus on all the other crappy things going on; like how uncomfortable I am, how Sevy starts school so soon and we'll have to pay a load in gas and parking, how we still don't have a name for this baby, and how our house value keeps dropping. Yeah, we are full of optimism in our household right now!

So, if anyone has any great names, any really cheap meal ideas, or any happy thoughts, send them our way! We could sure use it! On the bright side, baby is officially coming August 30th, so at least we have that to look forward to!


Torrie said...

Yay for baby, boo for everything else! Maybe you could name him AC? :). I'm sending happy thoughts your way. I hope nothing else goes wrong. You are going to be busy enough as it is in a couple of weeks!

Poll Family said...

First, go see Rick at Ellis Automotive in Pearland. They are GREAT and helped us with our A/C in our Honda. Second, you are right A/C in the car and the house is NOT a luxury but a necessity, especially for a pregnant mama! So sorry about the lack of cool air going on there! I think you are awesome for have taught for as long as you have!! You amaze me! :) Lastly, I have ZERO suggestions for names...you know us, never have a name until they actually arrive! But, knowing you guys, you'll come up with something superb! Perplexed about this Aug 30th bit, no anniversary baby for you guys?? CRAZY! :) Hang in there!! Things will get better!! They have to, right? Can NOT wait for baby Ormson 3 to arrive!! SSSSOOOOO very excited for you!

Nancy said...

argh student life. i am sorry. I have no suggestions with how to get the magic thousands that are needed right now. Cheap meals I can do. I do like the AC name suggestions - like A.C. Slater on 'Saved by the Bell' so very cool.

Rachel Porter said...

I am right there with you Kat. Travis finally got a full-time job that has benefits!!! He is still going to school part-time and will be for the next two years, atleast. We have decided that I can finally cut back at work. I plan on only working one day a week after my maternity leave. But we have had so many financial issues lately it makes me scared. Travis had to have two root canals and crowns ($1300). We had to replace the transmission on my car ($3200). We owe a good amount for the baby and Travis's tuition is due in a few weeks. It has been hard making this big decision and suddenly having to fork out so much money! Just think how well Jon will be doing when he graduates. Good Luck! Things will get better. It is only money right.

squiresclan said...

I hate those when it rains it pours times been there done that more then i like to remember! I am clueless on baby names sorry but I can offer one suggestion on the food thing, couponing! It is actually much easier to do then it first seems and you'd be amazed at the money that can be saved, now you don't have to become a phsycho crazy couponer haha but i started back in April and so glad i did, I've had tons of extra kids in my house all summer, expecially teenage boys, and let me tell you without it i never would of had a crumb of food in my house!

Monika said...

just reading this made me feel HOT. lol

The Sullengers said...

I feel for you! We've been in that financial hump for awhile and Kash finally started work today! Thank goodness for lots of blessings and help from family! i hope you get back on your feet soon!