TIme to Update

Jon reminded me the other day that I haven't updated our blog for awhile, so this post is for him! We've had a really fun summer so far! We try to keep busy and so here is some of the things we have been up to! This post is not going to be in any particular order!
Last Wednesday I took the kids to the zoo. Houston really has a great zoo and we try to take advantage of our memberships! I sometimes forget why we don't really go in the summer though! I was dying and the kids were melting!
Sevy and the rhino. Please not the platypus she has in every picture! That's Perry!
Teik and the monkey! Teik has discovered temporary tattoos recently. Somehow his skin doesn't like them to wash off either. Hence the lovely forearm art.
Last weekend we were invited to a party at the house of Jon's classmate. His wife is already a dentist with a few practices and they had a gorgeous house on a lake! Our friend Jeremy was nice enough to help Jon take the kids on a ride on the lake!
On the dock by the lake. The drop-off to the actual lake was pretty severe, hence why I didn't take the kids out with Jon. I would have never made it back up!
We've been hitting up the birthday party scene this summer! At our friend Logan's, the kids got vampire teeth. Teik loved his and wore them all night!
Of course we have been going to the beach! Sevy was excited the other day because we went with her friend Mason. Last summer the Morgan's were our weekly beach buddies! This summer we haven't been able to pull it off as well, but hopefully will make up for it!
For the 4th of July we went down to Friendswood for their parade and festivities. Growing up in a small town, I expect a lot from a parade. This one was okay. Not great, but they did have a bunch of old tractors which I fully approved of!
The family waiting for the parade to start.
Preggo shot. I think this is about 30 weeks. I am almost 33 weeks, so the belly is even larger now! I'm still feeling pretty good and teach most of my classes until the end of July when I'll just stick with water aerobics. The belly is getting in the way now with spin, and by-golly I'm getting tired!
June 27th, Teik turned 3! This was his birthday cake. Sometimes my good ideas fail! I tried to make red frosting. After 100 drops of food dye (the recipe said 50 would do), I still had florescent pink frosting. I tried to add red sprinkles to hide the fact that the frosting was pink, but that didn't really work. Oh well!
Mimi gave Teik a life size shark puppet! He sometimes attacks the kids! They both love him and named him Sharky. We have to remind them often that Sharky is not allowed to hang out with us when we run errands.
Teik and his cake! He really had a great birthday!
Of course we have been to Sea World this summer (and plan on going again soon)! Teik got a cool new hat while we were there this last time! He loves Cookie Monster and that just cracks me up!
My dream growing up was to be one of the Sea World stunt skiers! Watching the show now, I still want to be on the stunt team!
Teik is finally tall enough to go on a lot of the rides! He was very excited about this! This ride spins and Teik LOVED it! He was stoked to go on all the rides that Sevy has been going on for the past couple years! Now I'm REALLY excited for our Disneyworld trip!


Danielle Harris said...

Let me know when you are going to Disney World! We aren't that far and could see you for dinner or downtown disney or something one night! I'm guessing this is after baby!

Candice said...

Fun! You look awesome, and I need a friend with a lake in their backyard...'several practices'? Wow. I have never heard of that.

Ben and Shara said...

Hey Disneyworld? When?

Natasha said...

WE LOVE Perry the Platypus!!! Your kids are so cute! Your preggie belly looks great!

Nancy said...

You are an amazingly energized momma and preggo to boot! I am the luckiest to even know you and be inspired by your doings.

White Family said...

Cute pictures. Um Katrina you look AMAZING! I'm slightly jealous when I look at your prgnancy pictures. You wear pregnancy VERY well. You should have a billion more!