First Tooth!

We had a very exciting morning! Sevy has had a loose tooth for a few weeks now. She is really young to actually have a loose tooth (not even 5 yet!) , but the permanent tooth has been coming up too! This morning it was super close, so Jon decided to take it out!

Right before we took it out! She was super excited!
Right after we got it out. You can see the tears! She was a real trooper! We videoed the whole thing, but figured not a lot of people would want to watch! It was fun watching Jon work. My dad used needle-nose pliers. Jon used tweezers and floss. Yeah, I think it would be scary either way you do it! But, Sevy is VERY excited for who's gonna come visit tonight!
In other news: This is for our former Sunnysiders! Here is our building and parking lot. Now, when you turn around, instead of a big lawn and lots of trees you see this:
Oh, yes. That my friends is progress!
The trees are down, the grass is cleared, and by my book, that's a lot more than what has been happening the past years and promises of a new building!


Torrie said...

Sevy, tell your dad you want no less than a ten dollar bill for your pain and suffering!

Candice said...

You need to write down a play by play on how a professional pulls a tooth...tweezers and floss?

Where do you go to church now? What should we wear to Texas? See you on Wednesday!

Poll Family said...

Whooaaa! Sevy lost her first tooth?! No way! What a brave girl you have!! :)

And, hello?!! Impressive work going on there behind the branch building! Weird not to see those trees there anymore! Craziness :)

Nancy said...

Whatever happened to just letting the tooth fall out? I suppose those dental students are eager to try anything when they get the chance.

Jon + Kat said...

Nancy-she's 4! If it fell out on her own she would probably swallow it! It was just waiting to fall out, and we wanted it for her book!