Which Gringo's?

I've been craving Gringo's fajita's for weeks now, so I finally convince Jon to take me yesterday at 4ish to avoid a crowd (after 5pm and you are bound for a long wait). This place is AMAZING (well, their fajita's are) so I was excited. As we are eating, Jon remembered he got a text about getting $1 off an adult entree. So we show our waiter, and he brings over his manager. The manager looks at it and goes and talks to his boss. No one has heard of this text. Jon gets texts from Gringo's a couple times a week. So the GM asks Jon to forward it to his personal phone, but is nice and gives us $2 off our meal.

After he walks away, I lean up to Jon and had to ask, are we at the right Gringo's for the discount? Back home, in Rexburg, there is also a Gringo's Restaurant that is most excellent. They have a appetizer called a Cheese Crisp that I literally get EVERY time we go there as my meal, and just talking about it makes me want it! I'm pretty sure last time I was there with Jon (I go basically every time I'm home, even if Jon's not with me!), we signed up for the texts to try to get some $$$ off our meal.

In the end, I'm pretty sure it was the Rexburg Gringo's that got us a discount on our Houston Gringo's meal! Bless you Gringo's . . . every one!


Torrie said...

HaHaHa! That is so funny. I'm glad he gave you a discount anyway. I love how they get everyone involved to solve the mystery of a dollar.

Nancy said...

ah....oh well, a buck is a buck!

Monika said...

mmmmm gringos!!! gotta love that place!