The Branch!

Yesterday we had a picture taken of our funny little Branch. I think this only really happens when a great family is moving away from us. (I think the last picture was right before we lost the Malnar's and Poll's). This time around we are losing the Martinez family. They got a great job offer that would be impossible NOT to take, and so we are really excited for them, but really sad to lose them. Their youngest kids Julie and Diego are in my Primary and I just LOVE them! The oldest kids Shay and Eliza are our favorite babysitters and the kids beg Jon and I to go on dates so they can come and play! Raph and Tamara have been great neighbors and friends and a huge asset to the Branch. We are so sad to see them go, but they will only be an hour away, and we plan on visiting and camping near their new home! Bless the Branch!


Monika said...

HA! You beat me to a post about our branch!!! Holy crap, how we may complain about them and all the grief they give us, but who wouldn't miss them....we'll all be there where the Martinez family are...(moving away) soon enough, and I'm dreading it already! lol

Candice said...

Wow, Katrina. I love this. When you move, I will frame this for you, for I have a feeling you will really miss it.

I think the finger in the picture really adds.

Nancy said...

are you sure you need a shiney new building if everyone is moving away?