We Had a Date!

This is a little behind, but Jon and I had a date! And not even our "free movie" date either! We went to an Aeros Hockey Game. For those of you who are hockey clueless, the Aeros are not a NHL team, but rather and AHL team (like minor league). The Minnasota Wild (an NHL team) takes their players from the Aeros, and if one of their guys suck, they drop them back down to them. Anyhoo, the game was highly entertaining, and we had a blast!
The Aeros play in the Toyota Center, which is also home of the Houston Rockets (for those of you who are basketball clueless, they're a NBA team, and sometimes quite good).
We got our tickets through Groupon and so as part of our package, we got a picture with the mascot . . . who I totally forgot his name! Oh well! He and I made Jon jealous! Gotta love a great date!

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Nancy said...

Yeah Groupon! They sponsor at least half or our dates and family outings here. Just got one today in fact for a puppet theatre for the whole family to go for $14! So excited. And dates are so much more fun when you know you got them at BARGAIN!! We often pair the Groupon activity with a Restaurant.com dinner.