Today, we got a check in the mail for $50. How did we randomly get this money, you ask. Well, let me tell you! This was money that was owed to me back in 2003 (or so) while I was living in Utah. It was probably a deposit or something silly like that, that I didn't even realize.

Okay, totally not making sense here, let me back up. A while back we were at our Aunt Judy's and she was showing us how to look up unclaimed property. You go to this website, and look it up by state. So we did, and lo and behold, MY name came up in Utah! A couple of years later (present day) Jon was bored and looked it up again. My name was still there, so we filled out the paperwork, sent in proof of address (I randomly still had crap from my Liberty Square days), got it all notarized, and voila! Just a few weeks later I had a check in the mail! So funny!

Most states actually show what is owed (Utah is not that nice). Like in Idaho, you can find out that you are owed "less that $5", "$50-100", or "$100+". Apparently my dad is owed less that $5. Not really worth the effort!

It's like a highly addicting game, and I'm still floored that it worked out! We may have to celebrate by going out to dinner!


Ben and Shara said...

okay, how interesting. How does one look up money owed?

ash+kris said...

I tried.. AND nothing.. BOO! Way to defy that Ormson luck.. :)

Jon + Kat said...

http://www.unclaimed.org/ Then you can look up by state!

Olsen Family said...

I just did that and Trevors name came up. We will see how much money he gets!