Summer Fun!

We try to keep busy in the summer for the sake of sanity! We've discovered the joys of a public pool that only costs me $1 and the kids are free, and thanks to the library reading club, we have lots of free passes! They have a little shallow pool with a life guard and I sit and tan while the kids play! It's a hard knock life! (Sevy is showing off a little frog she caught in the pool!)
Teikers is my little stud-muffin! I don't know if it was him or Sevy who picked out this outfit, but I was dying when they brought it in to me! His little personality is coming out and I don't know if he's a flirt, a bully, or a little bit in between!
The most exciting thing for Sevy is that we've put her in swimming lessons. Unfortunately, nature is against her! Monday she had a great lesson and really enjoyed herself (cautiously of course!), Tuesday there was a huge accident that took over 8 hours to clean up and caused the trip to the lessons to take 50 minutes instead of 15, so she only caught the last 10 minutes of class. Today it's been raining like crazy, but eased up enough that I think she actually got a lesson (Jon took her because I had a class to teach).

Me and the kiddos take off for out road trip sometime next week, so we will have many more fun adventures and pictures to share!


Mendel Family said...

Looks like you guys are having a great summer! My little guy just turned 2 the end of May, and I can't believe how fast the time goes!

Candice said...

I covet that pool. In Sarah heaven there is going to be a $1 pool with a shallow part, and a lifeguard (oh, wait, that is in Candice Heaven).

Nancy said...

Swimming lessons are fantastic! Someone else gets to be the bad guy and you kid learns to swim. Score with a kiddy pool with a lifeguard!

Chantal and Shawn said...

Teik looks like he is getting taller and thinner. Must be a two year old thing. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Candice said...

When are you coming to Idaho again? I saw on Chantal's blog that you wanted to run a 5k on the 24th. 24th of what month? July, August? Let me know. I would like to try to run with you.