Road Trippin'

With Jon's boards coming, we decided it was a good time to bail town so he could study. We started our roadtrip by stopping off in San Antonio to go to our favorite place: Sea World!
Sevy and Teik love the sea lions and of course Shamu!
My favorite show will always be the Sea World ski show! This is us in the stands there! My dream is still to be in that show, but I may have outgrown the age limit!
Blessed Nancy (mother-in-law) helped us drive from Amarillo to Utah where we stayed with Zane and Bridget and the kids had a blast with their cousins Nyah and Kohen!
Then we were back in the car to go to Idaho! There was a little neighborhood parade at Brandi's house, so we went over there with all the family! This is Sevy, Anders Lofgran, Lleida Brunson, and Sarah Rail--just a few of the cousins!
The sibs. It was great to be there with all of us!
Mom and Dad took a break from their mission to visit that weekend and so we had the whole family! They were surprised to see me in town, and we were surprised to see them!
Sunday, Shawn and Chantal were blessing their baby, so we took the opportunity to take some photos. This is my favorite of Teikers!
Baby Aviel Marie Bagley! She is getting so big at 4lbs!
Our family! It's a shame Jon wasn't there to complete the photo.
The WHOLE family (still minus Jon). We have 13 grandkids now and of course Moo Cow is in the picture. We love her!
My cutie Sevy cruisin' the tricycle at Gran and Pappa's!
We went to the splashpark and Teik found a new favorite person in cousin Elayna!
Sevy and Lleida!
Teikers and Juliette! They look like they could be siblings and are so funny together!
This picture is to commemorate the girl's shopping day, and I tried to make the kids look cute for the babysitter!
I ran my first 5k with my best friend Kalle! And thanks to her, I ran WAY faster than I could have imagined finishing in 30 min 41 sec! Kalle finished ahead of me, but I actually kept pace with her for the first half and my goal was to finish under 40min!
We went to St. Anthony's Pioneer Day Parade, and took along Lleida! The kids had a blast watching the floats pass by and calling out for candy to be thrown. They got quite the loot!
Kalle, Aaron, Maya, and Braeden Reynolds.
Lleida and Sevy and their bags of candy!
We finished up our 24th at Kalle's aunt's house in St. Anthony which is right on the river! Gorgeous! The kids had a good time sitting with their feet in the river.


Candice said...

You have some GORGEOUS pictures of Sevy. I love the bike picture. I also love the color of your shirt for the run. What an awesome Idaho trip!

Danielle Harris said...

How fun that you got to spend time with your family! Your kids are so darn cute and you are tiny! You look great! Hopefully when I pop this girl out I can work out hard core like you. :)