Teikers Turns Two!

Teik got his first REAL haircut in honor of his upcoming birthday. If you ever wonder who he looks like, we have a picture of Jon around the same age which is identical to this fabulous mop top!
He was a little studmuffin by the end! Not that I'll ever actually fix his hair, but it looks a lot better!For his actual birthday, we had some friends come over for cupcakes! He was excited to chow on those!
He loved his super cool cards from his Gran and Grammy!
And loved his cool peekaboo game from Grammy! He also got a backpack, which is constantly filled with toys and worn around the house, and a hooded shark towel from us! I can't believe my baby is two! He's turning into a little boy, and boy do we LOVE him!


Candice said...

What is the magic gene that you inherited to make us adore you all so much? I am serious. YOU are BELOVED, Sevy is ADORED, and Teikers is in a league of his own.

I am in love with your birthday boy and your entire family.

Torrie said...

Happy Birthday Teikerton! We love you and your new 'do!

ash+kris said...

OOOO! I miss my boyfriend! I hope he had a great B-day! I'm excited to see all of you again soon :)

Nancy said...

the faces he is making in the photos is priceless! real hair cut is a big deal. As is coming to the age of two!