The Latest

Here are some of the many tomatoes from our garden. Yes, I even impress myself with these bad boys, although I won't be eating them anytime soon!
The zoo has a temporary dinosaur exhibit for the next few months so we went to check it out. They move and roar and the kids were slightly frightened!
This is Teik trying to hid from them. Yes, he was like this the entire time through the exhibit.
He didn't like this one at all, even though it was the only one that didn't move and you could pose with it!
We try to hit the beach at least once a week. We all love it!
Yeah, how cute are these guys!
We've had a lot of seaweed the past couple weeks, but they don't seem to mind.
We went to Nasa this week and they have a new Star Wars exhibit in the center. It was pretty cool, and if the kids were a little older they would have loved it!

Okay, that's the update of the past couple weeks!


Nancy said...

What lucky kiddos you have - Kat you are an amazing mother and so fun loving and get out of the housey! I want to go to the star wars exhibit.

Chantal and Shawn said...

Katrina, Katrina...was that a bikini?! Lol. Tsk tsk. I need your bishop's name and number. Or your branch prezs'. But seriously, when are you coming up here? We have to take the boat out and work on our wakeboarding skills. And Avi keeps talking about Auntie Kattie in her sleep. I know she is excited to meet you, too.

Torrie said...

Cute, cute, cute! Can't wait to see those kids in a couple of weeks. Sevy looks so mod in her little hat!
As for your bikini--I think I saw a rule that you can't wear it in front of any of Jon's sisters. Too much jealousy for one girl to handle! :)

Merissa said...

Speaking of that bikini, I think I have the same one! (Don't listen to Shawn) Did you get it from Victoria's Secret catalog? You have good taste :)

Jon + Kat said...

Yes it is Victoria's Secret! I have a plethora of their suits and I love them all!