Christmas Break (in no particular order)

I realized after I uploaded my pictures that I hadn't downloaded my New Year's pictures. Those will have to wait. And now for our Christmas break in no particular order: After Christmas we went up to Amarillo and celebrated Christmas and my birthday and I got to wear the party hat. (It's tradition!)
Sevy momentarily played Santa and passed around the gifts.
Sevy and her cousin Avery. This picture is to show off my mad sewing skills! I promised my Mom a picture of the dress that I made for Sevy with the material we picked out while she was in town and my first major project on my NEW sewing machine that she gave me for my birthday! I think it turned out rather cute!
Jon got the box set of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that came with the original 3 movies, TMNT, AND as an added bonus, the masks! Teik enjoyed being Michaelangelo.
The family as turtles. (Obviously, Teik like being Mikie better than Leonardo!)
Jon's big gift from me. It was a miracle it even got to me after it never arrived for weeks and then showed back up at the seller's house, but we got it in time! (It's a signed photo of Mike Modano--Jon's favorite Dallas Star--and Marrow).
The traditional staircase picture take before we can see what Santa brought.
We went to Nasa--one of our favorite places--while Jon had off. These were my boyfriends for the day. Jon was jealous, and Teik did not like them.
Jon and I ready for take-off. Sevy was our photographer. She didn't want to get in with us.
Sevy and her preschool! They did the cutest Nativity play! Sevy was the inn-keeper and they all had lines and sang, and it was the funniest thing ever!
This was the scene before the kids saw what Santa brought. The after picture is quite scary and I think we are still missing pieces of the train. We need to figure out a way to bolt that sucker down!
We had the kids paint hand wreaths for Christmas Eve! They got a little dirty and our house is slightly tinted green, but they loved it!
Teik in the painting aftermath! At least his binkie matches!

And that was our Christmas break in a nutshell. We dolled up for New Years, so I'll add those pictures later! Good times had by all!


Natasha said...

The dress turned out so cute! Great job! Happy Late birthday by the way!

Jenni said...

Teik gets cuter every day! And the dress is darling! You are one talented momma!

Candice said...

These are the best pictures EVER! You are in rare form! What a RAD CHRISTMAS, Trin!

Nancy said...

by far, Teik's body painting is the best picture of the group!! Hand wreath's, brilliant!

Nancy said...

p.s. Jon looks not-so-good scruffy I think

linz said...

super cute pics. you're whole family is so photogenic!

Anonymous said...


Julie said...

I'm so jealous you are a sewer! I'm intimidated by that. As for the etsy stuff, just let me know what you want! I can't find your email, so send me one and I'll get it made for you!

Ashley E. said...

Hey Kat! I'm lovin the NASA pics and Teik's bikini.. haha!