Cleaning the Temple

Jon and I have not had the greatest year so far. Frankly, 2010 has been horrible to us. So when our Branch was told that we needed to send some people to go and clean the temple, Jon and I quickly agreed to go. We have lived here for 18 months and had yet set foot in the temple here. Our good friend watched the kids for us, and we were off! Cleaning the temple is not glamorous at all--cleaning rarely is--but there's something peaceful about being there dusting floorboards, and glossening trashcans. You wouldn't believe the detail they take to make that building so beautiful. It was actually really fun to be vaccuuming up the hall and pass a room where Jon was dusting. There really is something amazing about seeing your eternal companion vaccuuming the Celestial room! If you ever get a chance to clean the temple . . . do it! You will not regret the time spent on your hands and knees cleaning the house of the Lord!


Ben and Shara said...

hey cuz. I'm needing a home project. A craft or idea of some sort. Would you mind inspiring me? What are you working on? What is the latest thing you are doing?
I'm a fan of the website
youcanmakethis.com or at least I think that is what the link is.

Come on, what is next?

Candice said...

Glossing the trashcans? Wow. I never would have thought. I think that is great. One of my favorite experiences was cleaning the Salt Lake Temple. It was the subject of one of my very first blogs...the one where I had not even told anyone that I had a blog yet. For me, that cleaning turned out to be one of my most sacred experiences.

I am so sorry about this year. Andrew gave me a couple of details. I love you and am so sad about your troubles. I wish that you were my neighbor...I would babysit your littluns every day so that you could clean many temples.

Lainey said...

That is cool! I have never cleaned the temple - thought we cleaned the conference center once, not the same.. but still cool. I hope your year starts going better!

Nancy said...

the temples really are perfect! I realized when we were cleaning the Rexburg Temple that their building is all encompassing perfect to the point that the distance between the outlets was the exact length of the vacuum chord! It is more appealing to see your husband 1-cleaning and 2-cleaning in the temple.

Mike & Traci said...

Man I am SOO behind at looking at blogs!! I missed some fun post. So first off - yes I have wanted to clean the temple before. I have heard it is probably the best experience you will have cleaning!
2ndly - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
3rdly - Looks like you guys had a GREAT christmas & Great job on making the dress! I have yet to embark on my first sewing project but hopefully someday soon...Hint to MOM - a Sewing Maching is a GREAT Gift!!
4thly - What a cute Christmas card! & fun updates :)

I'm sure I missed lots more but thanks for posting so I feel somewhat a part of your lives :)

Cara said...

We get to clean our temple too and it is great!!! Glad you got to go!

Mendel Family said...

I have a temple about 2 miles from my house and we rarely get there. When I stop to think about it, I feel incredibly selfish and know I should get there more! I do need to take the opportunity to clean the temple next time they ask. I am glad you guys had such a good experience, and I really hope your 2010 gets much better!