Christmas Card 2009

Ormson family times

Jon: the man of the house has been missing for the past year and a half. The dental school who kidnapped him claims we’ll get him home in 2012 as long as we keep paying them the big bucks.

Kat: finally bought her dream bike. Thanks to the missing jon, she’s only managed to put one mile on the thing.

Sevy: started preschool this year. Unfortunately, she is now convinced she is smarter than the rest of the family and is trying to teach them all a thing or two.

Teik: finally started walking and almost talking. He is now the smallest most destructive being of his kind!

Merry Christmas!


Jenni said...

So funny! I loved this! Merry Christmas!

Nancy said...

What the snow in your picture? Don't you live in TEXAS!
you are hilarious.