Poor Sick Sevy and Pictures that make me smile!

No, this is not a picture of Sevy puking. This is Sevy sleeping on the toilet. Sevy is sick, and it is so sad. She sleeps all the time and gets up to puke in the toilet (yes, my three year old is so good that she gets up to puke in the bathroom!) Most the time she just falls asleep right there on the toilet (as in the picture) or curls up on a towel on the floor. She has an appointment this afternoon so hopefully we can get her feeling better. Sick Sevy's are no fun.
Kerry and Nancy came into town for Labor Day weekend and we had a blast with them here! Of course we had to go to the beach--which the kids just love.This is in the Rainforest Pyramid at Moody Gardens in Galveston. It was very exotic inside.
We went to the aquarium at Moody Gardens also. Always a favorite in our family!
This is the picture from Sevy's first day of pre-school! She was so excited! Yesterday was the saddest thing ever because she got dressed to go to school and then I had to break the news to her that we were skipping it because she was sick. She was so sad.
Teik's new favorite toy is the garbage lid. I'm glad I clorox this thing often, because when he gets his hands on it, he'll play for about an hour-opening and closing the lid and then sitting inside!
My little budda-baby! This is from yet another trip to the beach, but honestly, how relaxed does he look!
We LOVE Chick-a-Lay! (chick-fil-a) So of course when they had a "dress like a cow and get free food" we were totally there! Here are my little cows! We got free kids meals thanks to these shirts and ears!
Sevy eating ice cream. Yes, she picked the psychodelic blue flavor herself.
Pucker up! Who wouldn't want to kiss these two!


Mendel Family said...

Your kids are so cute! It is weird to think that we have kids, and that you have 2!!! Who would have thought? Hope you are having a good day. I have a blog too. But it is private, so send me your email address on facebook :) In case you are confused this is your cousin, Britney (Bagley) Mendel :)

Nancy said...

HIlaroius! How does a kid fall asleep on the toilet, not just on the toilet, but face down in the toilet? Aren't you afraid she will drown on the precarious slip of a flinching dream? Preschool looks exciting. And that's it, Arizona forgot to import a beach! Darn it all.

Torrie said...

So Stinking Cute!!

julieb said...

its real easy, promise. i will take pics for you. and they are so so fun to make. your babies are the cutest. and if we are ever in the area, we will clll you up for sure!

Mike & Traci said...

What fun pics!! I'm sure i've already said this like every time I leave a comment but you have the CUTEST Family!! Hope Sevy is feeling better!!

White Family said...

Aww poor Sevy! That is heart breaking. Really awesome though, that she wakes up to throw up in the tiolet. I really really hope my children do that too. Love the pictures. Your kids are so darn precious! I hatr you just a little bit for living so close to a beach. So so lucky! That's my dream one day.