Crafty Crafty

I've been in a crafting mood this week thanks to an old roomies blog! This is what I've been up to: These little flowers just clip in the hair. Super cute as a single, or bunched up.
I put these on elastic bands to dazzle up any ponytail (a style we are constantly wearing in my house!)

And of course, a headband. This is cute doubled up too. Sevy is too fun to doll up.

Last night I made a bunch of crayon rolls too. They are perfect for church, and I have lots of cute fabric remnants that make some cute rolls!

So here is my question to the masses. Has anyone tried selling stuff on Etsy? I've been thinking about it, since I have a lot of random crap I make in the bunches, but don't know if it would be worth it. Let me know your thoughts!


Candice said...

I do not even know what Etsy is. I am craft handicapped. You are awesome. These are super cute.

The Poll Family said...

Love 'em! And you have a cute little model as well! Etsy could work for you! You know how to get things done and you're so creative and talented! I on the other hand still need you to show me how to finish my book I started so many months ago!! Argh!!

julieb said...

mt thoughts on etsy..
you need to devote alot of time, and alot of things in order to really make a profit. you need to put up diff things constantly to get new viewers, or any viewers at all. weird or unique things will sell. generic things wont. no one will see your crochet beanie sifting through the thousands of them on there. so if you have cool diff stuff, and can devote lots of time, it could go well. i gave up after a few weeks. but i have faith in you. put up more of your crafts!!

White Family said...

Those are so darling! You really are super crafty. Please sprinkle a little bit o' that on me! I can't be of any assitance as far as etsy goes. I lack craftiness and money to be other people's crafty creations. My friend started a little website that has a link from her blog that she sells stuff she makes off of (aprons, burp cloths, bows, bracelets, etc) and I think she does pretty well. Whatever you end up doing, I have no doubt it'll be awesome!

Aaron and Kalle said...

I just want to know when the package is going to arrive at my house? I am axiously waiting.

Natasha said...

I have not made the jump to sell things on etsy because:
1- I don't want to have the stock on hand. It's a lot of stuff to just kick around my small apartment and what happens to it if no one wants to buy it?
2- I don't want to have the stress of making things as people buy them. I can't be under that kind of stress with deadlines
3- A lot of things I make come from a pattern that specifically says you can't make them and sell them.
4- I don't have the time to devote to it. It's like a small business.

That being said, everything I've seen that you have made is super cute and if you want to start up etsy, I'll advertise for you on my blog!

Brandi said...

these are way cute. you'll have to show me how to make them. all the women in our ward are way into making bows that are bigger than their chilren's heads. I just can't get into them, but your little flowers are adorable.
Oh, and I definately think you should get an etsy and try and sell your things online. you can advertise by giving stuff away on giveawaytoday@blogspot.com. it's a superfun site that caters to etsy-based sites and crafty women like yourself.

julieb said...

please dress your son as an american git would gladiator. it will be so so funny. and make some little props to go with it. then make sure to put pics up. cant wait!