Just some pictures

So these a pretty much for Jon since he's GOT to be missing the kiddos by now! Here are just some of our recent adventures. Nothing too new, but they are fun.

Sevy and Teik at the beach. Teik loves the water, as does Sevy.

Sevy posing in the water. What a dollface.

Sevy has been pretty helpful lately, which is good, or else I would be pulling my hair out. Teik has been another story. He's recently turned needy, but also snuggly. He loves stuffed animals now and cuddles them. On top of that, he now has a new girlfriend at the gym in which he planted a big wet one on the other day. Yup, definitely an Ormson! (ha ha Jon!)

"I've got a bucket on my head but don't call me a buckethead." So this is probably a repeat picture, but it makes me smile every time I see it. My daughter is crazy. That's all there is to it. And somehow I lost the top of that swimsuit which is driving me insane. I love that suit.

So, I know I posted before about our failed Halloween attempts, so of course NOW Sevy loves to dress up. And since she was so cute, we decided to dress Teiker's up in what he was suppose to wear for Halloween, which never happened thanks to the "dragon/fairy" disaster of '08. (Check out October's/Early November's post if you missed the disaster. I'm sure I posted pictures.) Aren't they adorable?!


Nancy said...

so cute

The Poll Family said...

I'm seriously loving the buckethead picture! That was so funny!! LOVE all the pictures...sad we aren't at the beach WITH you :( We miss you guys something terrible. Thank goodness for Skype!

Torrie said...

Do you even need to ask?! They are the most adorable things ever. We are counting down the days until they get to come play at our house for a whole week!

Mike & Traci said...

so i really need to comment more but your fam is soo cute!! And they are only so fun because their mother is soo fun!!! Hopefully we'll all get to hang out someday...soon :)

Candice said...

They have grown so much. I am so pumped to see you this summer. I have been working on my waterskiing grip. Too bad we do not have a boom so that you can demonstrate your backflips on the wakeboard.

Love you,


Julie said...

That bucket picture is the best picture ever. Your kids are so stinking cute. And I'm totally jealous that you live by all those parks!