Quick update and lots of photos! My parents came down for Thanksgiving and we were so excited to have them here!
We went to the zoo-one of Sevy's favorite places--and she rode around on Pappa's shoulders the whole time. The best part is when she basically fell asleep up there! Too cute!
Teik enjoyed just chillin' with Pappa on the couch!

He was also a huge fan of Gran!
Okay, I just love this picture of Sevy! I had braided her hair and she looked like such a big girl to me!
Just another random happy shot of Sevy! We just love it when she smiles AND looks at the camera. It's rare indeed!
Saturday I had a bunch of workshops for my job at the gym so Jon had the kiddos all day. This is how I found Teikers! Sevy had put his hat on him and he was just chillin'!
Sevy liked climbing up and down the stairs to the plane when Mom and Dad left, but freaked out when she thought she was going with them! She is such a two year old. Since then she's been begging for an airplane ride!

We went down to Galveston with my parents and it was interesting to see what damage there was. It was bad, but I expected worse. The water was really low, but we had fun dipping our toes in the water and finding seashells!
This is our attempt at a family photo. We never managed to get everyone looking and happy, but at least all our faces are in the right direction!

This is a close-up of one of the shots. I just love the look Sevy is giving Teik! She loves him so much and no one can make him laugh harder!
Teik has found his toes and I LOVE it! I love this picture because his eyes make him look like I busted him eating his toes!

That's are random update! I'm heading up to Idaho on Wednesday with the kids and then we are off to Amarillo for Texas, so I'll probably update this again in a month! Happy Holidays!


Drew said...

Sevy is all gorgeousness! Those are the teeth of a dentist's daughter for sure.

Teak could not be cuter. we are picking you up from the airport and are hyper excited.

Utah is excited too. It is snowing (finally) in your honor.

We love ya.

Ben and Shara said...

Hey Kat I love the updated pictures. How great is it to have your parents just fly in when they can!!

I'm so jealous that you are still in shape enough (how old is Teik?) that you can work at your gym still. I'd love to take a class from you, I'm sure your classes are awesome.

p.s. would you mind telling me how to pronounce Teik?

White Family said...

First off, I love the background, too cute. Secondly Sevy is getting so big and gorgeous! I lvoe her big smiles and bright beautiful eyes. Teik is just darling, he looks like he's such a sweet baby too! Lastly, you look AMAZING! How is that seriosuly possible after having a baby not that long ago. One of these days you're going to have write a post about the tricks you use to stay fit during and after pregnancy. Everyone will thank you for it!

Krissy said...

HI Kat..sorry for the delay in reply to you. I am Jimmys sister. I wanted to tell you that I told Jen to tell her brother Brian Lilenquist about you. Its totally a small world. They thought it was really cool too and say "hi"!

Thanks! Krissy

Nancy said...

Awesome pic updates...wah whoa! you are going to be in Idaho Wednesday!! awesome, well still be on the east side until friday.

Josh and Amber said...

Those kiddos are the cutest! I loved that pic of Sevy too! Her smile was so big and she looked like such a big girl too! Hopefully someday in the not to far future I'll beable to meet all these new additions to your family since I've seen you last!

Torrie said...

I think you will have to leave Sevy and Teik here after your visit--they are too cute. They look so cute together. Can't wait to see them!

Jade and Charla said...

I really like your hair. I haven't seen a picture of it short like that! It is cute.
Teik is growing up fast. They don't stay small for long.