The Lights at Temple Square

We've made it to Utah and to start things off we went to see the lights on Temple Square!  I hadn't seen them since I was pregnant with Sevy and they are just amazing!  We went early enough (and in the middle of the week) that we missed any crowds and were there early enough to see them come on! Very awesome!

Sevy taking care of Teikers on the plane.
Aunt Candi and cousin Sarah.
Orange lights (Teik is the bundle in front of me!)
Salt Lake City temple at sunset.
Flollowing the leader.
A family shot!
Go figure yhough.  The day we get into Utah, it's snowing in Houston!


Four makes more... said...

Hey you got an ergo and you are in Utah! One I have and one I wish so badly for. We are here in Seattle this Christmas. I love the lights their and I can harly stand it that you are there and I won't get to see you. That is unless you move your little butt here. You WOULD love it. I hope you love your carrier. I might just need to marry mine.

Josh and Amber said...

So fun your in Utah! To bad you weren't closer to St. George:)! But you look great! I miss the lights at Temple square. It's been a really long time since I've seen them.

The Poll Family said...

"Go to church and see Sevy mommy?" -Kenzi

We miss you guys! Hope you're having a fun time with your family! ;)

Ben and Shara said...

your little family looks fabulous. And I love your great haircut from Candice's blog. You are just too cute all the way around.

Four makes more... said...

I swear I have gotten this a million times so this time it will be going in the official address book...

Could I get your address again? I'm sending out Christmas cards and you guys are on the top of my list.