Why I Love Being a Mom

This morning has been fun just hanging out with the kids and doing some crafts. We decided Sevy needed her toes repainted and she picked out her favorite florescent pink polish for her toes and a soft pink for her fingers. Then being the independent two year old that she is, she decided she needed to paint my toes a lovely purple sparkly. For a girl who can't color in the lines, she's not too bad at painting toes! (Sidenote: I picked the blurry picture because frankly, after two foot surgeries and countless scars and ant bites, my feet aren't the cutest things to see clearly.)

Favorite Sevy conversation this week:

Me: "Sevy, what to pig's say?"
Sevy: "I don't want to die!"

This also lead to walking around Hobby Lobby where they had pig decorations and Sevy declaring: "Mommy! Pig don't wanna die!"

Yeah, so the old school Charlotte's Web is one of her favorite movies. Great. The plus side is whenever she sees a spider she starts singing, "Chin Up, Chin Up!"


candicerail said...

So funny and so cute. I wish that I liked to do things crafty. Mom kept mentioning your excellent crafting while I was in Idaho. I felt like the inadequate daughter. Pretty sad. She really loved your quilt apparently. Oh, yes, and everything else.

We cannot all be a great as Trina. I am okay with that:)

Natasha said...

Oh, Hobby Lobby! How I miss you! I'm glad you have one in your area. Everyone should have a HL!

I LOVE that Sevy is quoting Charlotte's Web!

Torrie said...

Seriously, stick that child on a plane and send her to me. She is just too cute.

Nancy said...

Being a mom IS the best job out there! There are so many moments that you just hope to be able to cherish forever. Thanks for sharing your serendipitous saturday with us!

Anonymous said...

At least she doesn't freak out whenever she sees a spider. That must be a learned behavior that comes later in life.

Jade and Charla said...

Super cute! I love the old Charlotte's Web with the singing! The congs are classic.