The End of an Era

So after 3 years in Utah and over 3 years in Texas, I have finally done the unthinkable, and gave up my Idaho license all because Houston is psycho about address changes. Jon got a ticket the day we evacuated for the hurricane and they busted him for not changing his address! What the?! Apparently, it's okay everywhere in the US to have a permanent address on your license as a student, but in Houston, no matter if you move every month, you have to keep your current address at all times on the sucker. Go figure. To get it changed is no picnic either. I'm used to going in and walking out with new card in hand in 10 minutes. In Houston, I stood in line for 2 hours until I finally got to talk to someone, spent 10 minutes filling out paperwork and getting my picture taken, and then waited another 1-2 weeks for my new license to be mailed to me. Holy cow. Now I know why I loved small town living so much!


candicerail said...

I am commisserating with you (however you spell that). I still have a Washington D.C. license and I have lived in Utah for 2 years.

I feel as though we have neglected you this week. I was so out of touch in Idaho.

I tried to visit the website you sent, but I have not been able to yet...maybe Mom's computer is not a nice computer.

I am planning on getting everyone to go skiing in Utah (or in Idaho at least) when you come...on the 10th, right?

Sorry, I should email this all to you. I just love you.

Jaidi and Justin Clayton and Family! said...

Actually In lubbock you are supposed to get a local license within like 2 months of moving in. Were you guys lucky enough to not get any tickets while here???

Torrie said...

The rule is the same in Idaho. I got pulled over and had a Texas license and the cop told me I was supposed to change my license within 3 months of moving there. I had been there for 3 years already so I reluctantly gave up my Texas license. I was sad because I could no longer get a free tater for being an out of stater.

Jon & Kat Ormson said...

I got pulled over in Utah twice and they never said anything about my license probably because it matched up with my insurance and registration. I guess I've never gotten a ticket since I got married, and they never said anything to us in Lubbock whenever we got pulled over for not having a front license plate (it happened almost everytime we went to Amarillo.) Huh.