Our Disney Mission

Hey! After years of purchasing Disney movies, we have decided we are going to start collecting the Disney Rewards points and try to get something cool. We've thrown away sooo many reward cards and are basically starting at ground zero. Here is where we are hoping others can help. If you have Disney movies and no intentions of using the Reward codes, can you please send them our way?! Being poor eternal college kids, we would love to eventually earn enough points to take the kids to Disneyland! We realize this may take years regardless, but what a fun thing to look forward to! The codes are on there own page on the inside of any Disney DVD case. We always tossed them (we even just bought Sleeping Beauty and threw that one away), and now realize this is yet another point earning potential that we love. Please email codes to:
We will keep everyone posted on our valiant efforts!
Current Points: 700
Points Needed: 22000
P.S. Check out any old cases for codes and think of us during Christmas!


The Petersons said...

Hey! And I know that there is a promotion going on in 2009 that you can go to Disneyland for free on your birthday! You just have to register at their website and then bring proof of age... and kids under (I think) 3 get in for free anyways. Only needing to pay for one of you instead of both is not as bad! Good luck with the reward points! I'll see if I have some I can send your way! :-)

Ben and Shara said...

I'll look and see for you. cute toes.

Josh and Amber said...

How fun! I'll go check my old cases and see if I have any!

candicerail said...

I just sent you three...apparently we threw them away, or they did not come with them. How many points do you get for one?

By the way, I am so going to Disneyland on someones birthday. Thank you 'the Petersons' for letting us know!

toddnjenifer said...

cute blog!! you're little guy is adorable! Glad to see that you are all doing well-- sevy is getting SO grown up... she looks like a little girl more than a toddler!!

The M's said...

Sures, we will send you the codes to our Disney movies. We don't have many, but what we've got you can have.
By the way very CUTE Blog!