What a Weekend!

Sorry-We are going to start with a last weekend flashback of what we passed on our way to stake conference in a city far far away from where we live. Okay, like 30 minutes, but it took us an hour to get there. It's pretty, yet random to go over a bridge like this. Alright, and now for our random weekend. We invaded Silverlake's Ward trunk-or-treat Friday night and for the record, this is what my kids were supposed to wear:

Teik as the ever lovable purple dragon.

Sevy as the ever beautiful butterfly.
Well, plans don't work when a two-year old strikes. So instead of two costumes on two kids, we got two costumes on one angry kiddo. (This is Sevy's bff Makenzi as the perfect Ariel. Too cute!) The funny thing about our happy dragon, is that we've seen it on Sevy before. Two years ago to be exact . . .
It's fascinating that it still fits. Maybe next year Teik can wear it . . .
After the trunk-or-treating--where like every holiday, Sevy freaked out--we went over to our friends' the Polls so Teik and bff Jaxson could hang out! It's amazing the difference 3 months is as a baby! This is Teik in his costume . . . oh wait . . . that's right . . . Sevy was wearing it.

Saturday we decided to take the kids to Zoo Boo because it was suppose to be super cool. I attacked Sevy to get her into her leotard and to get her hair fixed and packed up the rest of her costume and a pair of pants and we were off. We got to the zoo and it is packed and crazy and I don't deal well with crowds, so we gave up on that one. We then decided to make the most of the day and visit north Houston where all the hockey shops seem to be located. Well, Houston is like it's own weird world. We get off the freeway to find a gas station--usually located at any exit--when we have to drive for like five miles to find anywhere that might have a phonebook. We get ready to pull into a pawn shop where right before we turn we notice police tape, a medical examiner's van, and a detective. Great. So we drive a little farther and see a gas station. When we go to turn in we discover this:
Wow, thank you Ike. (If you notice, part of Food Town's roof is missing also). So Jon goes into an Autozone next door where the only phonebook they have is all in spanish. Then back to this hazard gas station to find the addresses to a few hockey stores. We stick in the addresses into our GPS where it takes us on another exciting adventure past industrial areas and this:
non-climbable water tower right next to a bunch of major power lines. And then all of the sudden we are like in any normal city area with a mall and various shopping centers and restaraunts. While driving on a road passing the mall we see this guy:
Seriously? A horse policeman in Houston? Okay. Whatever. And then we pass this interesting bike:

It is longer than the car pulling it. We really thought we'd seen everything possible this day! The trip ended up being pretty much a bust, minus the random site-seeing! We got home in time for me to go to a girl's night out and Jon kept Sevy with him where she quickly knocked out!
But only after she put back on her dragon costume! Yeah, for the record, we were out in public with a child in plaid pants, a pink leotard stained with ketchup and crazy hair, because she cannot keep anything I do to it for more than 10 minutes! I will never judge a parent ever again! Houston has definitely proved to be quite the adventure for us!


squiresclan said...

What an adventure you all had :) It's so funny how when before you have kids you see others out with children in bizzare outfits and looking as if a comb has not seen their hair and you find yourself thinking 'what's wrong with them parent's" then you have your own and you have to say an inner I'm sorry i get it now! haha

Kristen said...

I love that Sevy can't give up the purple dragon costume. I was laughing so hard at the picture of her with Ariel.

The Poll Family said...

Oh Kat, You pretty much got Houston in a nutshell! LOL! The pics are great of your Saturday adventure!! I totally HEART the pic of Sevy and Kenzi at the Trunk or Treat, it's just too perfect! And of course love little Jax and Teik hanging out. So fun!

candicerail said...

I love the pictures of happy fairy princess Sevy, followed by dark dragon Sevy. You poor thing.

Go Houston. At least the gas prices are amazing there.

Nancy said...

I see a pattern in Sevy's costumes...Dinasoar, pretty wings, pretty wings, dinasuar, dinasaur with wings. I say, let the kid dress themself! Then it really becomes a costume.

Torrie said...

Sevy cracks me up! I love her personality. The combo dragon costume made me laugh out loud. By the time I got to the picture of the ketchup stain, plaid pants and return of the dragon costume, I thought I was going to wet my pants. There's never a dull moment with the Sevster. I love it!