What we love about the zoo!

Alright, this first picture is just of Teik, Sev and Cow. Teik got a Bumbo and he loves it and it makes Sevy jealous, so she thought that Cow should sit on the toilet while she sits in the middle. Anyhoo, I don't get it, but that's the innerworkings of a two year old for ya!

Now for the zoo. We decided to become members of the zoo when we moved here and it is so worth it! I go with the kids quite often, and Sevy loves it and Teik seems to like it also. The best part of going now, is the animals are more active now that it's cooled down to 85-90*. Yeah, not really a cooldown, but we sure see a lot more animals!
Sevy rides in the stroller while I have Teik in a carrier. She's actually really good about it (we only last an hour or two at the zoo, hence her being good about it). I think she likes it so much because I don't mind her messing with everything attached to the stroller. And, she usually gets snacks if she sits and behaves.

We always have to stop and see the giraffes and the elephants. They are Sevy's favorites and I like them too! This last week, the elephants were so cute and there were two groups of babies with their mommies. It was fun watching the baby, or "Teik" elephants (as Sevy likes to call them) pester their mom's and spin circles. It's funny to me how Sevy knows which elephants are the babies, when the babies are HUGE like their mom's. Just not as huge.

Sevy also has a new fascination of giraffes. I don't know when exactly this happened, but she loves them now. They are the first animals we go see every time and she could sit and watch them forever. I always forget just how tall giraffes are. We grew up watching "The God's Must be Crazy" and I remember the main dude running underneath the giraffe and it never really clicked how tall that made these animals. The zoo has a window to their house and you can see maybe up to their backs when they are close to the window. It's insane. Okay, enough about giraffes.

This last time we actually went to see the birds and we stopped to look at the flamingos. Wow, their's nothing cooler to a girl than PINK birds. Sevy was a fan and tried to mimic those, and actually all the birds we checked out! She's such a monkey!

For Halloween they have Zoo Boo and we are super excited to check that out! This is why we just love the zoo!


Josh and Amber said...

I love the zoo. I wish we had one close by we could take advantage of, but it looks like I'll have to travel sometime to take Paige, cause I'm sure she'd love it!

Nancy said...

oooh, pick me, I want a bumbo too! Teik seems older than Danny...and I am jealous about the zoo. We will do a zoo pass in Boise next year considering the snow has already flown in Boise

Cara said...

I think those bumbo's are great - and kids always look so funny in them. So proper for being x months old. But I love the zoo too! We have a pretty great one here in Memphis, I may have to become a member in the next year or two for no name kid to experience.

Kristen said...

I can't believe how much bigger Teik is! I am finally catching up on others blogs since leaving to P.R. What is Sevy & Teik going to be for Halloween? Sounds like you could dress her up like any animal at the zoo and she would love it.

Torrie said...

I can't believe how much Sevy and Teik have grown. Sevy is such a big girl! What a cutie. I hate to watch them grow up through pictures instead of in person. Anytime you want to send them up here, feel free. Drew and Avery would love it. We miss you guys!

candicerail said...

Teik looks awesome in his bumbo. He is growing so much. We are going to the zoo halloween festivities as well. I just bought another costume for Sarah. Last year I did not dress her up at all...and this year I have four costumes. I need to learn balance and moderation. If there were four days of halloween I would be set. I love you, Trin.

Mandy said...

We have that exact same bumbo. Ethan is still undecided on if he likes it or not.