Hurricane Ike

Just so everyone knows, we have evacuated Houston to hopefully avoid much of Ike.  We are staying at Jon's Aunt Judy's house and are so thankful to have her willing to take our family in!  Please keep us and our friends and our home in your prayers because frankly--Texas weather sucks!  I hate worrying about all of this.  We weren't in a mandatory evacuation, but we didn't want to wait until the last minute if they did evacuate us, or deal with power loss with the Houston humidity and two overly sweaty kids.  We'll keep ya posted!


candicerail said...

Oh, Trin, I am so sorry. I have found that most of the time you prepare and nothing happens, but we are grateful that you have prepared and are at Aunt Judy's. We will pray for you, darling.

Josh and Amber said...

I'm glad to know your safe right now. That really does suck having to worry about all this. Keep us posted on how your doing. We will pray for you and your family!