Our Hurricane Highlight

We sat and watched the weather channel all night to find out what was happening in Houston. The highlight of the whole event,
when during the Beaumont update, a streaker made his television debut! I don't know how to put video on my blog from youtube
(yeah, I'm technologically challenged) but here is the link. It was even better watching it live!


Our friends that stayed told us that they lost power last night at like 6pm and that as of this morning, their fence was down, and
some water got in their house, but no flooding. This is making us hopeful. I'm hoping we can get down there soon to find out
how our house made out. We'll keep ya posted on when we can head back and when we get the power back to actually update.


candicerail said...

We have still been praying for ya. I am amazed when I hear reports coming in from Houston about the devastation.

I wonder if we would have gotten so much coverage plus more evacuation since Hurricane Katrina. Andrew had said that it changed a lot of policy.

I had wondered how to embed a video as well.

Just go to youtube. In the upper right hand corner you will see the word, 'embed'. Just copy everything in that box.

Then go to your blog under New Post. Instead of pasting it under 'compose' click the 'edit HTML' tab. Then just paste it there.

That is it!

I have actually found that I like writing better in the 'edit html' tab because I can move pictures around easier. I just have to figure out where they begin and end.

Take care of yourselves. We think of you every time the news is on and every time we pray, and several times in between. That is a lot.

Nancy said...

Once again, go rednecks! (check my post) Glad to see that there are so many concerned people in Texas.

Danielle Harris said...

I have been thinking about you while watching Ike's track. I'm glad you decided to leave and hope that everything turns out well with your house! Hopefully mother nature is tired of hurricanes at this point and we can both make it through the season unscathed!

Mike & Traci said...

You are in our prayers! When I heard of this hurricane you were the first person I thought of. I'm glad you are safe & I hope all your treasures and memories are safe in your home.

Josh and Amber said...

Glad you updated. And I am glad you guys are safe. Hopefully your home and things are safe too!

Anonymous said...

thanks for allowing us some humor in the midst of all the chaos.

Bonnie and Steve said...

I am so glad you are allright. I hope you home is too. i've been thinking alot about you with all the storms a brewing. We miss seeing you but looking at your blog makes it seem like you are not that far away. You have a beautiful family. We wish you the best.