For those of you who don't know, when we got here to Houston, we learned that we did not belong to any ward. Oh no! We belonged to the teeny tiny Sunnyside Branch. This branch has about 30-34 people each Sunday, and yes, my little family counts as 4 of those numbers. Well, young families are slim pickings (meaning there are like 3 of us) but miraculously, there are the Polls who have a daughter McKenzie who is like a week younger than Sevy. This would just be a nice coincidence if the kids were just okay with each other, but this turned out to be perfect because these girlies turned into best friends the first time they met. They can play for hours and the only time tears errupt is when it's time to go home. They balance each other out and are just hilarious to watch. Our branch's boundries are huge and yet miraculously again, the Polls live in the neighborhood across from ours. Those girls play so quietly together, except at church where they like to laugh really loud or randomly break out in song! We are very happy to have such a great little friend for Sevy, but of course they are moving next year back to Utah. Of all the luck.


squiresclan said...

that's great she found a new friend. And yes i have read the host, loved it and can't wait for the next one to come out!! i'll definately read any book that woman writes i haven't been that captivated by an author in a long time! can't wait til the twilight movie in december!!!

Mike & Traci said...

that is soo cute! But what a change from being in a ward. I bet the spirit is so strong there!

candicerail said...

I always love my little branches just a little more.

Heavenly Father always sends who or what you need.

And darn it, they need you, which is a great feeling.

He knew that Trinny and Sevy needed Kenzie.

Jed Jeni & Kenzi said...

Okay that's just the cutest picture of those two! They crack me up!!! Love that they love to spend so much time together. Also, I am SOOOOO GLAD you guys moved in...we've been waiting a long time :)