Talents and my two cents

Sorry for this random post. Jon and I were watching Dreamgirls last night and he made the comment, "How would it feel to be able to sing that good?" I told him it probably feels the same as having complete control on your skates as you are playing hockey. We started talking about having real talents and how everybody is really good at something. I always thought I was just a jack of all trades but not really great at anything, but that's not true for anyone. I think at one time or another, everyone feels really confident about something and it just feels right. I had that feeling at Ricks in my drafting class where I just knew what I was doing and could get lost for hours doing it and not realizing it. I have friends who can get lost in running and just find that rhythm and go for miles. For others it's a science class that they just understand and absorb. So here is my two cents: Don't look at others and be jealous of their skills, because inevitably, you have talents that they would kill for too.


Rachel Porter said...

Great thought Kat. I think that it is far to easy to be so critical of ourselves. It is hard, at least for me, to see the good things I do. Thanks for the reminder.

Nancy said...

Still convinced that I am a very good at being mediocre. However, what an enlightening and uplifting conversation to have with your spouse! I love good movies that spark such good convos.

Anonymous said...

Since I am outright lacking in performing music/singing talent I decided a few years ago that there is such a talent as music/singing appreciation. Seriously, I have a great talent at enjoying musicals, american idol, music numbers in church, etc. I can't do them, but man can I pull off a great appreciation :)