My First Real Ride!

I finished my first real bikeride today! I went 48 miles!!! Read about it HERE! (It's my bike riding blog). And remember, if you want to help me raise money to find the cure for MS, go HERE! (It's my website for the MS 150)!


Ben and Shara said...

I just read the other blog, you are one tough gal. Congrats on your first big ride.

Mike & Traci said...

Ok this is probably going to be a LONG comment so be prepared (hopefully I don't lose it before it posts) Anyways...

YES DRIVE TO IDAHO!! AND COME VISIT ME!! It really has been WAY too long!! It's funny the night I read your comment I had a dream that it was my birthday all over again but were there & I even remember seeing your dad, funny huh! I really thought you had visited me but then I woke up and reality hit so hopefully this dream (outside of the bday again) becomes a REALITY!!

Next - WOW!! 48 mls!! that is crazy!!! Really, it is for me so then I read about your whole fitness routine post & let me tell you, working out has never been easy for me. I really miss those days on the dance team where I was forced to work out, yet was still never happy w/ my "self-image" now I would love to go back to those days & wear those clothes I use to wear :( Currently I am doing Zumba twice a week & LOVE it!! And am trying to get the habit of running on Saturday mornings but yet I think of a thousand other things to do w/ my day & so that hasn't been going to well, so YES HELP ME!! I will be honest though, I have a hard time "knowing" I am working out & Mike won't get me a gym pass again (lets just say I didn't use quite as much as I had promised) but Zumba is fun for me & a great workout!! So anyways, please feel free to send me more pointers - tdpurser421@hotmail.com & how to get me off my Lazy A**!