In no particular order. Halloween: Ormson style. This is to show off Teik's awesome belt. He was an American Gladiator circa 1989.
Our friend Jill threw an excellent Halloween party so this is her in her Cleopatra glory!
Teik, showing some shoulder and looking for victims.Fuzzy, but here are the kids before trick-or-treating. Sarah (pumpkin) came from Utah to hang out for awhile! She just flew in that morning.
Here is my sublte 80's look. I went more extreme for my spin class Saturday morning, but decided to calm it down for church parties.
We carved pumpkins at our friends the Talbot's house. This was our creation! (Thanks to a pattern!)My little American Gladiator. He enjoyed smacking all of us with his weapon!Sevy's too cute preschool. They had a party Thursday and LOVED it! Super heroes and fairies. Is there anything better?!
Sevy and her long lost sister Tinker Bell.


Natasha said...

adorable kids!
LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are posting the books you are reading on the side-bar. Can't wait to add some to my list!

julieb said...

teiks costume turned out so so great! love it!

julieb said...
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Nancy said...

gladiator- nice.

Mendel Family said...

Your kids are too cute! I can't believe how old they are looking! I miss you cuz, and maybe one day we will be able to get together!

The M's said...

Oh my goodness....sooo sooo cute! I love the outfits. Looks like ya'll had a great Halloween.

Kristen said...

Teiks costume is the coolest thing I've seen yet from Halloween 2009