Fun Times

We had fun with Candice and Sarah in town, so here are some of the high lights. Okay, this actually from today. Teik likes his chocolate chip cookies!
We went to the zoo where Sevy showed us her amazing climing skills on the elephant.
Here is Sarah on the bike. The kids LOVED playing outside!Sevy and her awesome car/hat/glasses.We went to the beach and played. I loved Teik's profile here!We went to Nasa which was awesome! We took a tram tour and saw Mission Control, the room where they practice fixing things, and even a space ship! All the people there are super nice and have actually worked there so they really know what they are talking about. I'm a fan!Candice, Sarah, and Teik on the tram tour. I just thought it was a great picture of Candice!
Having them here was way fun! It's always great to hang out with family, let cousin's play, and playing tourist in the city you are living!

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Candice said...

Everyone should come and visit Katrina. From her luxury gym pass to amazing NASA to the beauties of Houston, Katrina-land is a must see.

We had the best trip ever. Thank you for taking such great care of us. We loved our trip and we love you more.