Wow! A catchup of photos!

Teik and Mutt and Jon thinking he's funny.
We went over to the Texans draft party the other Saturday. It was cool going over to the Reliant Stadium and it was free! We saw the girls trying out to be cheerleaders, and that was about it.
Teik and Mutt at the zoo.
Teikers at the water park. He is sad without Mutt.
Teik at the water park reunited with Mutt.
Teik and Mutt fishin' for Jaxson.
Sevy at the water park. Watching her run around in just her suit and sneakers made me miss the days that I used to run around like that not knowing I should worry about my belly sticking out or my chubby thighs.
The blasted rain in Houston. It doesn't mess around.
Teik holding Mutt.
Teik and Mutt teaching a class.
Teik, Mutt, Sevy and Kenzi at the Galleria. Teik insisted on standing up in his stroller to be up with the girls.
Sevy and Kenzi right after Disney on Ice. I loved it, Sevy cried through most of it. It made me understand why my parents were insistant that I stay for the end even though I would beg to go home because it was "scary" when I was little.
Teik and Mutt getting busted eating a green crayon.
And finally, we went to a baby shower for our friends the Brannocks and theis is a picture of Crut, Jon, Richard (all the dental boys), and of course Teik, Mutt, and Sevy. I just enjoyed the fact that the other guys are holding our kids and Jon is stuck with the toys!

This is quite the conglomoration of pictures, but we had a great month! We enjoyed Disney on Ice, "Who's Bad" who is a Michael Jackson lookalike band, a baby shower with Cafe Rio salads (this is a big deal out here in Texas where we are STATES away from glorious Cafe Rio), the Texans draft party, a couple of trips to the zoo, and we topped it off by going to a Dave Matthews Band concert on Friday! We've decided we've got to live it up while we are living in an area that has so much to offer!


Brandi said...

Teik is too freakin' cute for words! He and Mutt are just too much. How can the other mom's stand to be around you and all your kid's cuteness? I would be highly jealous.

Torrie said...

At Avery's insistence that we see "TEIK!!" I was happy to see all your new pictures. What is Teik going to do when his BFF has served it's purpose and goes away? You will have to have Mutt mounted or something so Teik can have him forever.

Julie said...

Smelly Kat, I'm the worst commenter ever, but I have to say how stinking cute your kids are! I wish we lived closer. We could watch Twilight and Zoolander all day :)
I'm totally jealous of all the fun things you have there to do with your kids. Our small town is killin me!!

Nancy said...

yeah for big adventures in the rainy land!

Kristen said...

You're making me want to come back and play!