Update: Easter and Mut

So for starters, funny story: The other day Teik did "the face" which every parent knows as the poop is coming. Jon, the quick thinker, picked him up, stripped off his diaper and put him on the toilet. Sure enough, he pooped AND peed on the toilet. Yes, he is amazing! We asked Sevy why she couldn't do it since Teikers could and she got offended and started crying. Mad parenting on our part, but honestly, she's hopeless in the potty training arena.
I love Easter and Easter dresses and Easter egg hunts and all that good stuff. For church we did our own little hunt and Sevy and Kenzi (bff) were dressed up in their new and homemade dresses. If you look closely, you may be able to tell that is the same pattern, just different finish (aka-Sevy's is a bubble skirt, and Kenzi's has an overlay.) I thought they look "practically perfect in every way!"
Teikers was also a studmuffin dressed to the nines in his little man Gap shirt and pants, and his little tie!
And, the big news in our house is the arrival of Teik new BFF "Mut"--short for Hel-Mut. It's just to help reshape his head and really, Teik has taken to it like a fish to water, which is a good thing, because he'll be wearing it 23 hours a day for the next few months. We will start posting the many adventures of Teik and Mut.
This is Teik and Mut chillin' in the rocker reading a book. Teik and Mut are very intellectual and like to read on many an occassion. So, keep posted for the latest of Teik and Mut!


squiresclan said...

He looks so cute in 'mut'! I love how it's decorative, i've known babies who had to wear them for that same purpose but they were always clear or white. And the potty picture that is absolutely priceless!!
And i understand the potty training frustration, 2 out of my 3 took forever to get potty trained i think they were both a little over 3 before they finally got it down, the plus side was once they decided ok time to use the potty they never had accidents, so have faith it'll happen!!

Josh and Amber said...

Those pics are so cute! I love the potty training pic, his face is so cute! And it looks like Tiek and "mut" are the perfect match!!

Nancy said...

He's head does not look so odd, why the decision for Mut? I am adoring the Easter dresses, you did that! Yes, you are very very amazing. It just wouldn't be easter without girls in little dresses.

Torrie said...

Welcome to the family, Mut! You and Teikers make a good couple. I can't believe you managed to time a poop and pee in the potty for him. Did he wonder what the heck was going on? I know it's frustrating but one day it will just click with Sevy and she will be diaper free! We can't wait to see you guys this summer!

Torrie said...

Just so you know, we've had to come back to your blog page several times today so Avery can see "TEIK!!" I think she may be obsessed. For now it's under control but I'll keep my little stalker in check.

Candice said...

I love the potty picture!

What is wrong with his head? He looks gorgeous as always.

I made my first dress this week with Mom. She talked about how amazing you were the entire time. I was a little jealous of my little sister, and then I saw Sevy's Easter dress, and I guess you deserve it:).

Anonymous said...

The best part of the dress is the fabric. You need to show an up close because it's so pretty. I'm glad you finished it in time :)