Happy Presidents' Day


Okay, so we are not exactly on the ball so instead of the boring and mundane Christmas card, we are sending the new and awesome Presidents’ Day card!

Highlights of our life since last President’s Day:

  1. We bought our first home!
  2. Kristian Teik Ormson was born (June 27, 2008)
  3. We moved to Houston, Texas
  4. Jon started Dental School
  5. We went through Hurricane Ike (it’s a big deal for an Idaho girl!)

Goals for the next Presidents’ Day:

  1. Have Sevy potty trained
  2. Have Teikers walking
  3. Jon surviving what is known as the 2 worse semesters of dental school
  4. Kat competing in some sort of race (shooting for a triathlon, but will take what I can get).
  5. Finish unpacking

Happy Presidents’ Day!

Love--The Ormson Clan (Jon Jon, Kat, Sevy, and Teikers)


Candice said...

Great goals. These pictures were PERFECT for a President's Day Card. I thought that you were at Mt. Rushmore, but then, I thought "it would be really hard to chisel all of those Presidents from the mountain just for a picture". Hard, but probably worth it.

The Petersons said...

How can you NOT make a pres day card with those ginormous heads lingering in your town! Awesome!

Janet said...

Katrina. I'm having a serious Walker family overload and I love it! I saw on facebook that you said you were updating you're blog so I had to find it and stop by. I love the presidents day cards, that's funny. Too bad you're not closer to AZ, I am all about tri's for this year. Been running lately (because it's my worst of the 3), but did a tri in November and loved it. Good to see what you're up to.

Janet Walker

Mike & Traci said...

Love the President's Day Card!! Man you definately kicked our butts in getting in the spirit of the holiday :)

Also I would LOVE to visit you guys!! for one...I am WAY over the cold & most importantly - I miss you!!! It sucks how forgranted we took all those years of living soo close. I, for one, have learned my lesson!!!

Oh...and if I forgot to tell you before. Yes, I totally know David Sterzer!! How is he??? That is soo funny he is by you. What a small world :)

Kristen said...

Rob and I cracked up so hard when we got that picture. My favs are you kissing Abe and Sevy giving a thumbs up. Better than X-mas cards!

Rachel Porter said...

I loved the card! I have not checked the blog lately, so sorry we now have the same backgroud (thanks to Julie). Hope you are doing great!

Nancy said...

Definately like the idea of Pres day card better, I was struggling this year trying to figure out what would be the best way to celebrate the great presidents...besides, i always need happy mail after the Christmas season. Happy 2009