Oh Sevy!

Today on our way home from church, I washed Sevy's hands--which usually means treats. I have a stash of Swedish fish in my car that Sevy knows about, but brought fruit-by-the-foot as our special treat for the drive home. Here's the conversation.

Sevy: I want fishies.
Me: I have something better than fishies, but we can't tell daddy because it's a secret.
Sevy: I don't like secrets.

two minutes later after eating a fruit-by-the-foot.

Sevy: Mommy! I like secrets!

Oh Sevy!


We Are Daughters said...

I like secrets of they have to do with Fruit by the Foot. Otherwise, I am not a huge fan.:)

candicerail said...

Sorry the comment above was me, Candice...I was editing a YW blog. Again, Fruit by the Foot is always welcome at our house.

Four makes more... said...

cute stories. I love cute stories and kids are full of them.

Michaela and Thaddeus said...

How adorable! Your little Sevy seems to be a little mischievous like our Kajsa. Today the girls took chap stick and covered themselves and their doll in it. But I guess that's what I get for talking on the phone and not keeping a "close" watch. HA!