Some Major Events

This past weekend Jon's folks and Kris came down to hang with us and to attend Jon's White Coat ceremony. Well, we decided to start of the weekend with a bang by letting Nancy and Kerry watch the kids as Jon, Kris and I went to The Dave Matthews Band concert in the Woodlands! As always, the concert was amazing and I'm not even a true DMB fan! Jon and I post concert--they would not allow us to bring in camera's, and we were good and obeyed.
The three of us at the concert. I know it's blurry, but I thought it was the best one of the three of us. Yeah-Kris is shirtless. It was really hot even though it was outdoors and over at 11pm and rained like mad all day. Houson has fascinating weather.
For those that do not know, Teik's first name is Kristian, named after his uncle Kris. They even share the same initials KTO. The ironic thing is, he looks less like Kris than any of the other nieces and nephews have. Go figure.
So here are the boys. I just want you to take a close look at Teik. Um . . . he looks possessed. I was going to fix the red eyes, but it cracked me up that he looked like Jack Jack on the Incredibles.
Imagine this Jack Jack being angry--right before explosive firey Jack Jack.
Saturday they had a White Coat ceremony where they don the incoming dental class with their white coats. The speeches were fairly boring, but the history of the dental school and the medical area in Houston was really rad. You should google it. I thought Jon was HOT in his white coat! The cool thing was his fellow students who had family members that were dentists got to get their coats put on by them. One guys wife got to do the honors. The cutest in my opinion was a girl whose grandpa and sister did the honors. Very cool.
And here is Jon on the morning of his first day of dental school! He has to leave at like 7am, but luckily he just wears scrubs everyday, so it's not like he has to pick out an outfit. This picture also records the first day of my 4 year widowdom. I'm fortunate that he chose dental school and not medical school because 4 years is a lot better than 8!


Hanna said...

Congrats to your hubby on starting school. Its funny how you feel like there is so much ahead of you, but the time really flies. I mean, Christmas will be here in a flash and then you will be 2nd semester, which is SO much more experienced than first. :p Your little Teik is adorable - I am digging the faux-hawk.

kirstensworld said...

How exciting for you guys! I personaly LOVE dave mathews.....very jealouse right here! And good luck with your new found widowdom. Luckily 4 years will go by before you know it, it's amazing how fast time flies when you're chasing kids!

Torrie said...

Teik is the cutest little demon baby ever. We can't wait to see him again. I'm glad you got to steal a night away even if you did have a 3rd wheel ;). Take all those you can get! Good luck to J with school. I like how he is finally embracing UT by wearing their t-shirt on his first day of school.

Nancy said...

i don't know about dental school, but everyone told me p.a. widowdom was harsh but it hasn't been

Anonymous said...

love the hair color right now. congrats to jon for starting school.

candicerail said...

Congrats on Dental School. I also missed your taking pictures of your kids and comparing them to lagoon monsters and such. Jack-Jack is pretty cool. Also Andrew announced that you had posted a new blog when he semi covetously announced "Katrina and Jon saw Dave Matthews, live." I need to send him to a concert. You are only a semi-fan, and you have been to twice as many concerts as 'devoted fan' Drew.