Family, Blessing, Houston, etc

I know it's been forever since I updated, so here is the past few weeks in a nutshell. My family came down for Teik's blessing and surprised me by bringing two of my sisters! This was so fun and we had a blast shopping togethre (my poor dad!) and we took them out to Cadillac Ranch. My dad took a chunk of paint out of one of the cars and it was like 10 layers deep. Crazy!
Our family picture the day of the blessing. I realize you can't see Teiker's face, but at 3 weeks of age, he wasn't about to smile anyway.

The proud grandparents. For anyone who doesn't know, my parents are standing by Jon and his parents are by me. It was great to have both there!
Gran, Mom, and Grammy/Mimi.

This is Teik in his blessing outfit. We borrowed it from Torrie and I thought it was darling! He's doing his Napoleon Dynomite impression right here, but I thought it was quite the pose!

The cousins! There's Sevy with Teik, Drew, Nyah, Juliet, and Avery. Juliet is Brandi's little girl and I hadn't seen her since she was like 6 weeks old! Too cute!

Sevy loves her cousin's so one of the hardest things about leaving Amarillo was saying goodbye. She was spoiled having them so close and I feel bad every time she asks to play with Drew or Nyah. This was her goodbye to Drew her best friend.

We got to Houston and I got to see my house for the first time! Jon did good! We'll post pictures when it's actually set up. My mom stayed with us for two weeks and we got a lot done thanks to her! Jon became Mr. Fix-It and put up 4 ceiling fans and a garage door opener. Yes, I'm impressed also! We got Sevy a big-girl twinsize bed and she loves it and I think it's awesome! We got all crafty with flower arrangements and homemade pillows--when I finish those I'll post them! But, you would think we would get all unpacked having extra help, but no. We decided to see some of Houston with Mom. We hit up the Galleria, visited IKEA, and hit the Downtown Aquarium. In truth, the aquarium wasn't all that great, but Sevy loves fish and had a good time!

This was the Nemo tank. It had a clown fish and a Dory fish. Sevy was pointing saying "Nemo!"

We ventured out to Galveston to show my mom the beach. The first time Jon and I went out there we weren't too impressed, but this time we found a better beach and had a blast! The water is so warm and this beach had some nice sand!
Sevy and Gran playing in the water! Sevy loves her Gran!
Jon and I at the beach looking very beachish!

The sunbathed girlies on the day Mom had to leave. We all got a lot of sun on the beach! We were sad to have mom leave and have real life begin. I swear the kids could tell the minute she left and both threw huge fits. No one can calm Teik down like Gran, and Sevy only will listen to her grandparents! Oh well!


Torrie said...

We miss you guys so much! I liked the picture with all the cousins and the one with Sevy and Drew hugging. When we go to Grammy's house, Drew always wonders where Sevy is.

Rob and Mel Glade said...

You look GREAT! I hope you're feeling well, too.

Just the Three of Us said...

Hey Kat! So I have to ask you...are you dying with this whole two kid thing because I might be! :) As much as I love it and as wonderful as my little ones are it just seems completely crazy around here ALL OF THE TIME!!! anyway...there is my rant.

The pictures are darling and Teik is so cute! I can't believe how big Sevy's getting. It makes me want to move to Texas so we can hang out every day. You look awesome and I'm hoping to see you some time. Oh ya...you asked if this c-section was better then my last...oh ya! Besides the anxiety of the night before or the moments right before it happened things went very smooth. I was up the next day and hardly had to have any pain meds. Awesome doctors here. That's all. Love ya!

sarawhat said...

What a cute family you guys are! It made me so happy to see Jon's mom, I love her. She's so fun. I remember when she stayed at my apartment with me during Mother's week. So funny.

Nancy said...

Finally a post! And with such cute pictures! I am glad you are lovin Houston, I didn't have as good of luck there. Yeah for crafty homeness. Tell you what, you start to get used to the 'mother of two' bit after a month or two, or maybe you just start loosing more of your brain cells from lack of sleep that you don't notice that it is more difficult to have two little ones.
oh, and I love the crazy hair in the blessing day pictures.

candicerail said...

You are beautiful. I loved the pictures, except for poor Mom in the ocean. Though she is a water aerobics instructor, and we grew up waterskiing, I am afraid that water is not her best look. She is so beautiful, you see.

Love you, Trin. Keep up the wonderfulness.

Rachel Porter said...

Kat you look fanstastic in these pictures! I am excited to see pictures of your house. I am jealous. I hope that you like Houston and can adjust to the humidity. The temple is gorgeous! I was able to help with the open house.

linz said...

you're looking hot!! especially for just having a baby AND having a two year old. i love the pics!

candicerail said...

We missed you at the reunion, babe! Check out my blog and I have a few of the saddest blurry pictures, but maybe it can make you feel like you were there. A lot of our cousins knew exactly how you are doing because of your great blog. Awesome job, wonderful sister. I am glad that you have been keeping up with everyone.