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Nothing is cooler to me than a rockin' group of friends! A week (or so) ago, Sevy and I ventured back up to Utah for the wedding of one of my fellow SSU girls and it was so cool to see basically everyone. We never made it all together at one time, but we made a great effort! These girls still just rock my world! Out of the 9 of us from high school, check out the stats:

9 graduated H.S. with honors

8 have college degrees

1 has finished her master's (she's a nurse practitionor)

2 studied school abroad

7 are married in the temple
4 served full time missions

8 can no longer wear sleaveless dresses (oh well)

5 kids have been born

3 more are on the way

2 have competed in multiple marathons

3 refuse to run if possible

Between the lot of us, we have lived or are living in Idaho, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, California, Michigan, North Corolina, Hawaii, Brazil, Niceragua (sp?), Arizona

We have 2 nurses, 1 teacher, 1 social worker, 1 english major, 1 chick in finance, 1 business girl, 1 rocking full-time mom (she's about to pop #3 out!), them me the advertising girl working as an instructor at the gym!

I think all in all we turned out okay for a group of girls from Rexburg, Idaho! Seeing them all made me miss them all the more, but the good thing about our group is that we can go years without seeing or even talking to each other much and still when we all get together it's the same as it's always been. A 7 on the Ripppter scale!


Ben and Shara said...

My gosh you are a busy mom. And you are teaching gym classes that is awesome. You look fantastic by the way. You remind me so much of your beautiful mother. I'm so excited that you are blogging and I will add you to my blog. I'll keep checking in so be a regular!

Angela said...

Hey Kat! I didn't know you blogged! I'm glad you found me (through Richard, I assume). I was actually thinking of you yesterday, because I thought of that fuzzy picture we took in the mountains of Switzerland right before my near death experience. To be honest, life is probably the same as the last time I updated you, but I'll send you an email, you know, just in case.

t&t said...

This is such a great post, Katrina!

It's fun to see the days of MMH and then look at where everyone is now!

t&t said...

P.S. You all look so wonderful!