A Bubble Baby and a Garden

So, without a doubt, Jon and I lead the most exciting lives! Insomuch that we get our kicks by dressing our baby girl up in bubbles and setting her loose in the house. Her walking has improved so much this week that it's now basically all she does, and so she loves her new found freedom to roam! She now also loves bubbles, and the two things together were a laugh riot!
For F.H.E. tonight, Jon and I decided we were going to plant our garden. This is tricky business living in an upstair apartment, so we made due with what we could. We are hoping in a few months we will have tomatoes and peas. We figured those our two things we could grow in our limited space, and the two things that we love to munch on (well, Jon likes tomatoes and I like peas!). We split it half and half and will let you know in a couple of months if it worked out or if the birds who live outside our apartment got to them first. At least we know we can save them from the weather if we need too. That's a bonus! We also have no idea what we are doing, so it is a great experiment!

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terrah said...

Hi, Katrina!

It's good to get back in touch with you.

I couldn't agree more that marriage will be so much better than dating. I'd given up any and all hope of finding someone to marry in Rexburg, Idaho, and then ... BOOM! I'm engaged. :)

By the way, your progeny is ADORABLE! :)