A Houseful (or house full) of Personality

 Since it's been MONTHS since I've blogged, I thought it was high time I updated on our little lives! Let's start with Deckland: Deckland turned the big ONE on August 30th! He is a crazy kid, climbing on everything and then yelling, "Ma Ma Ma Ma" to make sure I see how proud he is for climbing up a pile of boxes! (Maybe he's trying to hint to me that I need to unpack or move out some of these boxes?!)  He just learned how to say, "Hi!" and will wave hello and goodbye and constantly declares, "Uh Oh!"  My favorite thing is sticking him in front of a mirror and do kissy faces! His are SO cute! I just love this stage with him . . . although he is so keeping me on my toes!
 Sevy started 1st grade at Sleepy Hollow Elementary with the same Principal that Jon had while he was there! She loves it and is meeting tons of new friends and learning how to read and spell! She amazes me every day with what she knows! We just learned last week that she has followed suit of Jon and I and needs glasses! She's actually excited about it . . . and I'm already not looking forward to years of struggle with glasses, and then contacts!  Moo Cow is still her best friend, and for Christmas she is asking for clothes for her, because apparently the one outfit she has is not enough! She is still my crazy little tomboy but is getting girlier (which I love too!). Love this girl!
Teikers! This big boy turned FOUR on June 27th and is a big boy now! He loves his new school (he goes to PreK at Quail Creek) and loves his teachers and LOVES Deckland! Poor kid gets attacked by Teik daily! He is currently obsessed with the Hulk (of all heroes!), and legos and all things boy! We put him and Sevy in soccer camp last month and both loved it! He and I are spending time working on letters and I have recently learned he loves to draw and is actually pretty good at it! He is my little snuggle bug and insists on hugs and kisses before bed or else it really is devastation city! I just love this kid and love to see how he is growing and changing!

Jon and Myself: Well, we moved to Amarillo this summer and Jon started working in July at the Sheman Group and LOVES it! He works with some great Dentists and the office staff there are amazing! It's such a relief that he actually loves going to work and doing what he does!  I am teaching at a couple gyms here and love my classes, although the times are less than ideal! Oh well!

That's basically the quick update! Life is good and the kids are great! What more could I ask for?!

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Nancy said...

everyone looks grown up - and that includes you Kat! and that is the most crazy. sure, we expect our kids to grow up, but us, never!