Update of sorts . . .

Life has been a little crazy since Deckland has joined our brood. Here are some of the things we've been up to:
Sevy is a little personality of her own! She came walking in the other day wanting a picture because she is a cowgirl now! She can't decide what she wants to be for Halloween because it goes from skeleton to cowgirl to vampire!
Last weekend we went to Dewberry Farms for some Fall fun!
While we were there, Jon was a magic-man getting smiles from our little guy!
Of course Sevy LOVED the cow train!
Super fun slides!
What's a farm without some hay?!
The entrance!
My parents came into town the beginning of this month, and the
kids had a blast having them here!
We took the opportunity of having our folks in town to bless little Deckland!
This is quite possibly my favorite. Since I've been on maternity leave,
I somehow got knocked off as an employee at LA Fitness.
So, as I've been trying to get back on, I've had to do many odd adventures all over Houston.
For my re-audition (since 5 weeks off constituted needing to re-audition),
we ended up in Spring, which is by the temple. I thought it would be fun to take
Teik over there just to see it, and as we do our quick drive-by, he starts bawling.
When I asked him what was wrong, he explained he was sad because I didn't marry him!
I had to stop and take a picture and he was still just so sad I would not take him
in there to marry him! I tried to explain I was already married to Daddy, but he didn't care. Poor guy! At least he knows where he wants to get married!


Torrie said...

Your family is just too cute for words. That picture of Teik is so pitiful and so adorable.

Nancy said...

I love it when your boys smile, they get the best little golf ball smile cheeks. You look fabulous with your long brunette curls and, if I am not mistaken, already fitting into your Christmas dress from last year after 5 weeks post-partum, you are amazing!

Christy Dyer said...

Love the last picture! And your family is so cute!

Candice said...

Sarah is also sad that she could not marry Andrew. She is settling for Cairo Brunson. I thought that since they were not blood relatives it MIGHT be okay...