Seven Years!

I can't believe it's been 7 years since I married my best friend! Seven years, three moves, three kids (since the 3rd is coming in just a couple days, it counts!), and numerous funny memories and adventures! Not every minute has been great, but it's totally been worth it! Because I was too lazy to round up a wedding picture of us, here are some from my current computer!
This summer at the Astro's game! (maybe I'll post a picture later of what we look like TODAY, but maybe not! I'm just a whole lotta belly now!)

December 2009. One of the best things about marrying a guy the same age as me, is that we have the same fond memories of things like Ninja Turtles, and both have high school flashbacks when certain songs come on, and went through the same awkward stages in basically the same years!
This is from last summer. One of my favorites of us! Partially because I miss my waist! Oh! So not good going through pictures 9 months pregnant! BUT, I love this picture because we have the temple behind us, and just witnessed the last of either of our siblings marrying their eternal companions! Very cool! How blessed am I to marry into a family that, just like my own, I can enter the temple with!

Love you Jon Jon! You are by best friend, the father of our crazy kids, and my favorite person to pester!


Torrie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Nancy said...

YEA! Being married to your best friend absolutely rocks! Seven years is insane though. I suppose you were prego with your first kiddo at my wedding....yikes!

Darci said...

Happy Anniversary! Seven years of great pictures (preggie or not!).

Monika said...

Glad to be able to get to know you guys! :)