really, the rest of the road trip!

On our way back to Houston, we stopped of at Willy's Crossing, in Wyoming to visit my parents on their mission! The kids were so excited to see Gran and Pappa and had a great time! The trailers in the background are what they have been living it all summer. Basically the size of their bathroom back home!
The kids somehow got Gran and Pappa to give them rides in handcarts! They were loving it!
There is a little school house on the property that the kids had a lot of fun in. Sevy enjoyed drawing on every slate, and sitting at the teachers chair!
My parents were so kind to let us take their Jeep out and explore the trail! They even kept the kids which made it even better!
This was the path we were taking. Yeah, it makes me glad I was not a pioneer and could take a jeep instead of a handcart up this trail.
This is the way we roll to a reception! When we got back to Amarillo, Jon took advantage of having keys to the Ormson's Jeep!
My pretty girl at the botanical gardens in Amarillo where Kris and Ashley had their second reception!
This is Sevy's "model" pose. She gave me lots of shots like this and was crackin' me up!


Nancy said...

What a perfect mission for you parents....or at least your dad and you mom is a great sport to live in an RV. I hadn't realized Sevy's hair was so gorgeously long! Model indeed.

Jen said...

Sevy is beautiful! I love her skirt! Looks like your family had quite the adventure!

Monika said...

That's HILARIOUS!!! That Sevy girl's a hoot!!! LOL cute.

So, what's your Etsy site?!?!!?? did I miss it?!