This past weekend we took a family vacation to SeaWorld! (actually, it was a trip to San Antonio, but we always spend most of our time at SeaWorld!)
The kids have a love/hate relationship with swimming. They love splashparks, just not deep water. This was one of the better moments!
Jon took Sevy on the Atlantis ride! I was so excited she was big enough to go. It's pretty intense (big drop off and giant splash) and I'm so proud of her for going!
Randomly we were there for Christian weekend, so we watched the Veggie Tale movie "Pistachio" and saw Larry and Bob in person!
Our hotel had a rockin' pool area, which we hung out at a lot!
Teik really loved the little waterfall at the outdoor pool. They even had a bunch of kid-friendly pool area!
On our way to see "Believe" which is the Shamu show. Kind of lame now that the trainers aren't getting in the water. There was a baby killer whale that was too cute. That made up for the disappointment in the show. (I really have no problems with them not getting in, but they could have done the show better.)
Jon and the kiddos at the waterpark.
Teik getting up-close and personal with the camera.
Sevy and I in line for the Shamu ride.
Teikers at the Alamo. It was closed, but they light it up awesomely at night!
Sevy at the zoo in front of the kimodo(?) dragon habitat.
Kris and a bird getting a little intimate!
The Kristian's.
Sevy and the bugs!
My little munchkin's!

Yeah, the pictures are in reverse, but it really was a fantastic weekend to get away! The kids had a blast and it was fun to see Kris briefly (he was in Austin for a test and met up with us!), and it was REALLY nice to have Jon to ourselves for a weekend! He's back to the books at school already.


renae nelson kingsley said...

Fun! We love that zoo and the lorikeets. Looks like your kids had a great time!

joven said...
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Nancy said...

Brilliant, family vacation! Sounds like a blast. The pictures are oh so cute as well. Teik is gynormis.

和勇 said...
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Anonymous said...
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