A lot of Pictures

Since I haven't updated this in awhile, here is the update of our lives this month. Sevy and Teikers are best friends and like to hang out in laundry baskets together.
We have three hockey sticks just Teik's size and he's a natural!
Bath time is our favorite time. Sevy really really loves it!
We've discovered the carousel at the zoo. Sevy LOVES it! She's been telling me over and over that she rode a zebra and next time she gets to ride a puppy!
We also recently ventured out to the driving range. Of course we went late and it was getting dark and we got funny looks for having a toddler and a baby in a stroller there, but it was fun hitting the balls and watching Sevy try to hit the balls and gathering up all the balls she could find!
This is just the goofiest picture of Teikers! I love it! He's slightly a mess when he eats, but he's so happy that it's funny! I can't look at this picture without cracking up.
As I mentioned before, we love bathtime! This is Teikers' stellar mohawk. He likes to eat the bubbles.
This is probably Jon's favorite picture of Teik!
Another zoo shot (surprise surprise). Sevy loves this statue and has to climb on it whenever we pass it.
Teik is an "in your face" sort of boy. This is my view of him whenever I'm laying on the ground.
Mimi and Papaw came to visit us the other weekend, and so this is the matching girls chillin' on a rock (at the zoo). Sevy is showing off her leaf that she found.
Okay, that's our update. Have a happy week!


squiresclan said...

your little boy is getting so big! Man i am so jelouse, sun, sandles and shorts i miss them! Although did get a sneak peak when we went to vegas last weekend.
And i just had to laugh walk like an egyption was the song that came up on your player when i came on your page holy cow i haven't heard that in years!
Plus my blog is no longer private so stop by sometime if ya'd like :)

Torrie said...

Cutie patooties! Keep posting those pictures! I can't believe how big they are getting.

Nancy said...

teik's hair looks blonde in some photos and dark in others...must be your son.

Josh and Amber said...

Your kids are the cutest things! It's so fun seeing them as such best friends! I love it!

Jade and Charla said...

Your kids are getting so big! I am glad to see how well they get along - I will soon have a set of my very own.