Christmas Break Catch-Up

I don't think I'm going to do this in any particular order. I'll just throw on the pictures and give you my commentary. There's a lot of pictures. Here we go.

My mom (Gran) made all the grandkids the cutest pajamas and each family matched. Our family was monkey (very appropriate for my kiddos) and they love their pjs! So, here is my photo of my two little monkeys in a bed!

Sevy got a Tinker Bell costume for Christmas from Gran, and Tinker Bell just happens to be one of her favorite movies! She got to wear her costume for her cousin Nyah's birthday party too! Way too cute!

Pappa made little rocking chairs for each family. Teik loved ours and it's the perfect size for him!

So every girl in America has her "Twilight" picture. Here is my families! We finally went while I was home and 4 of the 5 waited to see it together!

One of the cutest things about going home is seeing the little cousins interact together. This is Juliet who just turned one with our little Teikers. So fun that they are only 6 months apart!

This is Teik with Cairo, his other cousin who just turned one. They were poking at each other while sitting side by side in Pappa's chairs.

Jon's favorite gift this Christmas was hockey tickets to see the Dallas Stars. He went with his brother Kris, and even though the Stars lost, they had a really good time!

Every time I'm in town, my best friends from high school make the greatest effort to get together. This year we managed to get four together and it was so fun to chat and chill and do what we do best . . . EAT!

We did the nativity with the Ormson clas and Teik was a humble shepard, Drew was Joseph, Nyah was Mary, Sevy was an Angel, and Avery was just not happy!

Last year Sevy was horribly afraid of the snow and this year she LOVED it! I was so excited. We tried to get outside everyday (even in the freezing Idaho weather) to let her play. Moo cow came along occassionally, and Sevy loved it!

Teikers chillin' with Pappa.

The Ormson clan on Christmas Eve. I have to mention that a missionary took the photo and somehow managed to cut off Kerry's head. At least all our feet were originally in the picture!

This is Teiker's the Little Elf. I know, too cute right?!

Since Jon has to pay dues for his classes parties, he got a Keg for Christmas! Party at our house!

I just love how cutey this was of Juliet! She's so little and has been walking around for a few months! I especially like how you can see her reflection in the glass!

This is mom and I after the dance recital. I love the picture and love the snowflakes in the picture!

Santa came to visit the Ormson house on Christmas Eve before he did his rounds! The kids were super excited and decorated cookies for him (pictures of that are farther down). Of course my kids cried, and Avery didn't want to be in the picture, but Drew and Nyah let him know exactly what they wanted!

This is Teik and his oh so perfect picture in front of the tree! If we only had one child, this would have been our Christmas card photo. Maybe if I do Chinese New Years cards, this would be a good option also. It is a true rarety to get a good picture of both kids together, but by themselves we can catch a few good ones!

Sevy got Elmo Live! for Christmas and loves him (almost too much. This makes sense if anyone has read our unpublished book called "Violent Love" written by my sisters and I.) He's a riot!

I had three neices and a sister in a dance recital while I was home! It was so fun to watch and brought back so many memories of the dance recitals of our youth. I was just too thankful to be in the audience and not on stage. (I was never any good!) The girls did awesome and Jaclyn was amazing! Click Candice's blog if you want to see the video!

The typical cousin picture. I love this one because everyone is looking in a different direction, none of which is the camera!

The cousins decorating cookies for Santa! I was impressed with how good they all did! They all really liked it too, and we all enjoyed their final work! Thanks Jaclyn for your recipe!

This is Jaclyn's little boy Cairo! I haven't seen him since they got him last year for Christmas and he just has the funniest little personality! He's like a little man . . . quiet, but super smart! It was fun to get to know him a little on our trip!

For my birthday, Jon and I went bowling! There are two sports I like to play against Jon because I can hold my own. They are air hockey and bowling! I totally kicked his butt! It was really fun!

And there you have our Christmas break rundown. If you didn't read anything (don't worry--I rarely do) I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Torrie said...

We miss you guys!!!

Ben and Shara said...

nice update. I had to read everything of course. But I haven't read the unpublished book of Violent love. It sounds fabulous. Any chance you can publish it in blog form?

Also, I did just watch Jaclyns dance. It was lovely.

Mike & Traci said...

Looks like you had a Great Christmas!! Ya know I love visiting my fam in St. George but I would love going "Home" for the holidays and seeing the old & the new blossom & seeing old friends...but since that isn't the case I will live through your life ;)

Candice said...

I love your pictures, and at my second view of your entry, I read everything. How fun.

I am glad that "Sevy vs. Elmo Live!" will be inluded as the 18th chapter of Violent Love, following "Centering your Weight", "Side Hugs", and "The big Red Boot".

Josh and Amber said...

Looks like you guys had such a great christmas! I read everything too, and it was enjoyable! :) I love all the pictures too, they are so cute! I'm glad you posted pics of some of your other neices and nephews and sisters, because then I could see them! They are all so cute!