Our Year in Brief

Okay, this may not be as brief as planned! This past year has been so fantastic in so many ways! It started off with a bang with Shawn returning from his mission in Fiji! (Actually, I guess this happened in December, but we got to see him after the new year, so I think it counts!) We were all excited for his homecoming and he got to me our 9 month Sevy for the first time!

For Mom's birthday in February, Dad flew her, and Jaclyn and Lleida to good ole Lubbock, Texas to come visit us! I'm sure it was more a treat for us than for Mom, but it was really fun! It was also a monumentous occasion for Sevy because she took her first steps from Pappa to Uncle Shawn! We were quite excited!

Sevy turns ONE! That is basically the most exciting thing that happened in March. And April for that matter! Okay, springtime was just a relaxing time for us. We did throw a party for Sevy with her cousin's Nyah and Drew there and that was basically it! Oh wait! We also were blessed with Sarah Luella Rail! She was born to Candice and Andrew Rail, their first! She's a doll!

May was very fun indeed! We (Sevy and I) took a trip home for the wedding of Rachel Wiscombe to Travis Porter! They got married in the Bountiful temple and it was great to be there! Rachel is the last of our dynamic roommates to be married. We were the goldmine trio that married off every single fourth roommate we ever had until we finally moved away from each other, giving ourselves a chance of true love! Rachel looked gorgeous and it was an amazing wedding!
We also took a trip with Jon's family to Colorado! So fun! We went fishing, and horsebackriding, and just drove around the gorgeous countryside. We stayed in a little cabin and it was just really relaxing to be up there!
Avery McKay Dance was born to Torrie and Brent Dance this summer also! We love our neices! She is seriously darling!

In August we went down to San Antonio for the first of Jon's dental school interviews! We made a trip out of it and went down to the Riverwalk, and then hit up the San Antonio Zoo before heading back to Lubbock. The city is great and we had a fun time. It was a quick trip, but really cool to see a different side of Texas (dare I say the pretty side!)

September led to another trip home to visit the family and then another wedding! Kristen Gummow (SSU member for life) married Rob Bolke. They were married in the Salt Lake City temple and it was also amazing!

Shawn announced in November that he is getting married! The last of the Bagley clan to finally tie the knot. Her name is Chantall (I need to make sure I get the spelling right), and she is from the Portland area and easily towers over all of us! She's super cute and we are so excited for them!
I scored big this fall! In October Sevy and I went home yet again for a surprise birthday party for my Dad! He turned the big 60 this year! Crazy! It was so fun surprising him though! We stuck Sevy at the front door and rang the doorbell and hid so when Dad opened the door, there was Sevy just looking at him! Classic! Oh-I also found out I was pregnant with number 2!

December really was a great month! It was a fantastic way to end the year! Jon got accepted to his first dental school, HOUSTON! We went home for Christmas and learned that Sevy really hated snow. Like really screamed if we stuck her in it. Sadly funny! We were also blessed with a new baby for Jaclyn and Zac Brunson! They recieved Cairo "Ky" Bond Brunson right before Christmas! To end the year off right, we were able to go through the Rexburg Temple openhouse on Dec 31st. My goodness, it is beautiful! I'm so excited to have a temple in Rexburg!


Ben and Shara said...

What a great way to note a fun year. I love your backdrop.

p.s. congrats on number 2

Rachel Porter said...

You had a great year! That is awesome that your little brother is getting married. I am glad you updated your blog. I look at it almost daily just waiting. Too bad Sevy doesn't like the snow.

Anonymous said...

Kat I need that photo from my wedding. I think it's better than the one the photographer took. You should look into photography as a hobby.