Trip to Lake Tahoe

So the Ormson family took a trip in August to South Lake Tahoe, California. Holy Cow! It was like non-stop fun for an entire week. We did everything from white water rafting, a steamboat ride across the huge lake, a trip to the Reno Temple to do endowment work for Jon's ancestors (very cool!), a trip to San Franscico, a trolley ride, boating . . . the list goes on and on! It was super cool because the three new cousins got to hang out and become best friends. Also, Jon's whole family (minus Brent who was sorely missed) was all there. One of the best things about Jon's family is that everyone gets along so well that hanging out with them is a blast. We all had a great time, and were all very competitive Farkle players by the end of the trip! Flying with babies was an adventure in and of itself, but I would have to say that Sevy did excellent! She even took a nap on a tray table for us! What a sweetie huh?!

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